How To Take Care Of Artificial Jewellery!

It is impossible to deny one’s love for artificial jewellery. Of course, everyone has a favourite set of artificial jewellery, but very few knows how to maintain it. Preziamo® offers an outstanding and high-quality product in the modern world. There is artificial jewellery available in the form of bracelets, earrings, pendants, and bangles, to name a few. So, in this article, we’ll go over all the essential tips for caring for your artificial jewellery collection. These suggestions will definitely help your jewellery last longer.

1. Keep artificial jewellery away from water.

You should avoid wearing artificial jewellery near water since moisture exposure can weaken the metal and decrease the shine. Remove any artificial jewellery you might be wearing before engaging in any activity involving water, such as washing the dishes, doing the laundry, having a shower, etc.

Many people complain that their artificial jewellery has degraded after coming out of the swimming pool. The reason is swimming pool water contains chlorine which easily reacts with the metal and quickly change the colour!

2. Avoid keeping artificial jewellery near perfumes and hairsprays!

One of the simplest methods to maintain artificial jewellery is to keep it away from your cosmetics, skincare products, hair products, serums, perfumes, and other chemicals.

Please don’t be fooled by your perfume’s label’s use of the phrase “organic.” Whatever the language, it will nonetheless cause corrosion and discoloration in the metal of your artificial jewellery.

It’s obvious that during the morning rush, you would use hairspray or cosmetics while dressing up yourself with artificial rings, earrings, bangles, and even hair accessories. If it’s done regularly, it would undoubtedly lose its appeal rapidly.

So it is advised to always use perfume and makeup before donning jewellery to prevent corrosion and colour loss.

3. Keep away from intense heat and use moist wipes and anti-tarnish paper!

Do not allow water to get in contact with your priceless jewellery made of artificial gemstones, as was previously stated. The gemstones, like kunzite, may eventually become discoloured or fade away due to bacteria and other germs that have accumulated due to sweat or rising temperatures, doing more harm than originally imagined.

Use of wet wipes for cleaning and maintenance of artificial jewellery is the finest method for taking care of it. For all of your artificial jewellery, try to make this a standard hygiene procedure.

Additionally, you can wrap them in eyeglass cloth or anti-tarnish if you prefer not to put them in a bag. The lustre and brightness of your fashion jewellery will be substantially preserved by doing this.

4. Keep artificial jewellery in an airtight box that is individually sealed with zip locks.

It is advisable to separate each piece of costume jewellery, wrap it in zip locks, and store it properly in airtight cases.

Using this technique will prevent your artificial jewellery from tarnishing or rusting. It may also easily fall or break off if it twisted. Additionally, it will help keep the artificial jewellery you buy from getting scratched. These guidelines have taught many women how to take care of their artificial jewellery.

5. Use small soft brush to maintain artificial jewellery.

Your artificial jewellery shouldn’t be getting darker over time. Knowing how to properly clean artificial jewellery is then essential to their effective maintenance.

Use small soft brush like toothbrush to clean it. Reach even the tiny hooks and corners of your artificial jewellery with the Q-Tip of the brush. Even the smallest edges would be captured by the bristles, leaving everything clean and shiny. You will find this option very useful.

Final thoughts: 

The distinction between genuine gold and artificial gold is profound. Even genuine gold will lose shine over time if proper care is not taken. Therefore, it is up to you to take care of your jewellery, whether they are real or fake. By following these advices, you can avoid having to buy a replacement jewellery. With such money, you could even purchase more trendy artificial jewellery.